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As time goes by, your post-divorce life will change

April 20, 2018

Let’s say that you and your high school sweetheart get married and plan a long and fulfilling life together. Over the years, the two of you buy a home, have a child, and collectively build an amazing life together. But as the years go on, you also start disagreeing with each other more. Those disagreements turn to arguments, and as more time passes the two of you drift apart. Eventually¬†you both decide it is time to divorce.

When a divorce happens, it could involve a couple like this. It could involve a couple that has no children. It could involve a couple with a bevy of assets and wealth. It could involve a couple that lives paycheck to paycheck. The possibilities are myriad, but one thing remains true regardless of the specifics of any given divorce: in the years after your divorce, circumstances will change.

What we mean by this is that any arrangements that you make in your divorce agreement are likely to change with time. For example, is child support involved in your divorce? Then it is likely that life circumstances, and just the passage of time itself, will alter the amount paid, or the interval of payments. The same could be said for any spousal support payments you may make, or the visitation schedule you and your spouse establish in regards to your child.

Given the changes that can occur over time with a divorce, it is important for the people involved to retain experienced family law counsel. At Hagar & Phillips, we can help divorced couples with any modifications they need to make to their divorce agreement.


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