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The First Steps in a Divorce

July 5, 2019

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Divorce is an unfortunate but sometimes necessary legal proceeding. Choosing the right divorce attorney is critical for you to not only protect yourself but also achieve the best possible outcome. Your lawyer will be fighting for you, your custody rights if you have children, your assets, and the amount of financial support you’ll owe or will receive depending on the case.

Seek Advice

The first step you should take is to seek advice. If you know anyone who has been through a divorce ask them about their lawyer. You probably know someone who has been through it. Ask them what they liked about their attorney and what they didn’t. Ask them how they came to choose their attorney.

Once you have input, and hopefully a list of possible divorce lawyers, from colleagues and friends, it’s time to do research. If the lawyers on your list have websites, visit each one of them. Look for testimonials to see if others were satisfied. Look for online reviews. Do as much research on your list of attorneys as you can. You’ll most likely begin to narrow that list down as you get a feel for each lawyer on the list and if you like them or not.

Once your list is narrowed down, you should then move on to consultations. Call the law offices of each of the attorney’s on your narrowed down list and schedule a consultation. Most consultations are free.


Before you attend the consultations you need to prepare. You should outline the history of your marriage, any complexities you think might come up during your divorce, and what your ultimate outcome goal is. Are you after money? Are you seeking to minimize losses? Do you want full custody of your children? Do you seek certain assets? Are you trying to protect certain assets? All of these are important questions and you should know the answer before you have your consultation.


After you’ve been to multiple divorce lawyers’ consultations, you should have a good idea of the attorney you’d like to hire. At Hagar and Phillips, we handle divorce and family law as one of our specialties. You can call us at 615-784-4588. Once you hire a lawyer, the first phase of your divorce case is complete, unfortunately this is usually the smoothest part.

Family Mediation or Court

There are two options for the next phase. The court case begins or you enter divorce mediation with your spouse. In some states mediation is required before the divorce is seen before a court.

Family Mediation is a good way to avoid the expenses of court cases. Typically both parties sit down with an independent third party who helps mediate a deal between the two divorcing parties. Family Mediation covers all topics from dividing of assets, to child custody or visitation. If a deal can be agreed upon, a legally binding agreement is written and signed by both parties. This document can be upheld by the courts. If an agreement cannot be met then the case goes before a court.

Contact a Lebanon TN Divorce Attorney

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